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Adelaide Vaughan Furniture

Inspired both by history and extensive travel, the design of Jessie Davidson Interior's signature furniture line is fundamentally tasteful and well proportioned. Designer Jessie Davidson has developed incomparably comfortable upholstered furniture which evokes a sense of warmth and harmony in any room.

Davidson’s Grandmother, Adelaide, was the inspiration for the first signature piece. Adelaide was an incredibly stylish woman whose home was beautiful down to every detail. She had a chair in her bedroom, the details of which Davidson remembers from the time she was four years old. Its scalloped skirt and stunning features are captured in the Adelaide chair which reflects the timeless style and impeccable taste of its namesake.

The remaining pieces in Davidson’s signature line were inspired by furniture she discovered during her travels in Paris, Italy and London. Jessie is drawn to and finds inspiration from the interesting design elements you find only in antique furniture.

The scale of these pieces makes them ideal for living spaces where something less than the “oversized” look is needed. Dressmaker details, striking fabric, and fine-tuned attention to every detail make these chairs a sought after addition to any beautifully designed space.

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