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The Feeling of Fall

Fall really is the most glorious season and I hear over and over again how much so many people love it.  It is time to put the garden to bed, trimming back, digging up, mulching, and planning for the emergence of Spring.  A group of us compared thoughts the other day while enjoying a crisp, sunny day in a large community garden north of Chicago.  What we love about Fall is:

The yummy smell of the leaves and trees

Cool clear nights and chilly mornings

Maples with their sparkling gold and blazing orange/red leaves

Apple cider and pumpkin pie


Pulling on a cozy sweater

Late vegetable harvest

Windy days kicking through the fallen leaves with your dog

Anticipation of coming Holidays

So drink in the season and embrace each day for its bounty!

*All images from Pinterest.

November 18, 2013 by Jessie Davidson

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