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The Chicago Botanic Garden ,  in all its splendor on 385 acres of land situated in Glencoe, Illinois,  is one of the finest garden resources in the country!   One of my favorite areas is their Fruit & Vegetable Demonstration Garden, where the art of Espalier is beautifully utilized.  To espalier a woody plant or tree you tie and prune it into a specific shape so that it will grow in a flat plane.  And, while it is conventionally done with fruit trees, it can successfully be done with holly, magnolias, ivy, grapes… fact, the vines in vineyards ARE espaliered.  

Many local nurseries across the country carry espaliered plants and the one best know in the southeast is River Road Farms  where you will find a young couple that manages the growing, training, pruning and care of acres of these beautiful plants and trees.   Enjoy re-imagining your garden!

August 26, 2013 by Jessie Davidson

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