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August 2013

1.) Valerie June, a strikingly beautiful young singer songwriter, has just released her first CD entitled Pushing Against A Stone. This is a “must listen” on my list!  Be sure to Google her for interesting concert and interview highlights. Valerie June - 'Pushing Against A Stone' Video 

2.) Toni Morrison, novelist, editor, professor and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, is an author everyone needs to read.  I just finished Beloved and can’t wait to get my eyes on another one of her compelling and complex books. Toni Morrison Society  

3.) Be sure to check out Project Color Corps whose mission it is to use the “Power of Color as a change agent to infuse a sense of well-being and energy into urban neighborhoods nationwide”.  This inspiring video clip says it all! 

4.) One of my favorite clients recommended Brunello Cucinelli  clothing to me recently.  His line is very handsome and tres cher, indeed.  I love his copy which reads, “This product of quality, fruit of our labour, is created in a small medieval village at the gates of Assisi where Men and Nature are still aware of the harmonious rhythm of Time.” Now that is a compelling statement! 

5.) Weck canning jars are really great looking and can be used for all sorts of storage.  I have over four sizes and shapes that I use to store flour, sugar, cookies, crackers, et al.  Order extra clips because they always get lost! 

6.) My favorite reading glasses are by LaFont.  I’m always drawn to their styles and colors…..very innovative! 

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August 26, 2013 by Jessie Davidson

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