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Novels and Nosegays

We have had such an amazing spring this year in the Midwest and Northeast with lots of rainfall and cool temperatures…..creating flowers and blankets of green as far as the eye can see!  This leads my thoughts to floral creations everywhere; those made by nature and those manmade in the likeness of nature.

Nosegays - lovely little bouquets of blossoms, herbs, wildflowers, and greenery - make lovely gifts and surprising accents in your home.  The term nosegay dates back to the fifteenth century when these diminutive arrangements given as gifts were considered an ornament or gift to the nose!

Some also refer to the term tussie-mussie, a small flower arrangement commonly given in Victorian times as a gift with special meaning.  Each flower represents a human attribute, so to decode your tussie-mussie was to read the message of the giver.  A wonderful read is The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. You’ll  enjoy the novel and  learn the meaning of different flowers.

If you just can’t bear to clip stems, change water, and generally care for little floral arrangements in your home, look for Diane James Designs. As you can see from these images, her faux floral arrangements are lovely and extremely realistic.

June 17, 2013 by Jessie Davidson

In The Garden

Spring Bulbs and The Green Youth Farm

In our first newsletter and blog entry last year we talked about fall bulb planting.  Well….here is the beautiful result from this spring!

I recently became aware of The Green Youth Farm, a program created and managed by the Chicago Botanic Garden , which provides fantastic learning experiences for lucky high school kids in Chicago and Waukegan each summer.  Students work every week from June through September in one of three gardens under the supervision of a farm manager.  They learn to grow, harvest, and sell vegetables and herbs.  They learn bee keeping.  They take part in seminars on biodiversity in farming and soil management.  They learn to cook with fresh ingredients and share their recipes.  And, they earn a salary for their work every summer.  The money earned by selling their produce at local farmer’s markets is then pumped back into the program so that it can grow every year.  How much fun is this!

June 17, 2013 by Jessie Davidson

What We're Loving

June 2013

1.) Who doesn’t love big floppy pink roses?  New Dawn is available in shrub or climbing habit and it is quite easy to grow.  I’ll never forget a magnificent New Dawn rose growing and blooming voraciously on an arbor over a terrace in the Hudson Valley.  You might want to sit under that arbor all day long! 

2.) Paddywax candles in their up-cycled glass vessels not only smell lovely, but they’ll make you feel environmentally responsible.  My favorite is their fresh citrusy Grapefruit-Coriander.  It will give you a hint of freshness without being overpowering. 

3.) Oska, a German company offering fashion forward, travel friendly, comfortable clothing for men and women, presented its first collection in 1997.  Since then they have spread throughout Europe and have recently begun opening stores in the United States.  I love their natural fibers, flexibility in pairing pieces with other lines, and design awareness.

4.) Jill McGowan designs and makes women’s clothing in Maine.  Lovely natural linen and cotton shirts and tunics….American-made in the Northeast.  Now, that is hard to beat!  I found her shop in Freeport, Maine on a recent trip and was quick to grab some linen shirts.  There is nothing more comfortable for hot summer days than linen!

5.) Pennoyer Newman replicates nearly 400 planter styles that at one time graced the great lawns and terraces of private estates. Cecily Pennoyer and Virginia Newman Yocum have artfully and imaginatively created this line from lightweight, weather resistant stone resin.  I love seeing a garden with just the right number of pots and jardinières dotted among the plants and hedges.

6.) Munder-Skiles has just moved their showroom to a fantastic location in Garrison, NY along the Hudson River, just an hour north of Manhattan.  Take note that many of their chair and bench designs pay homage to antique garden furniture the likes of which graced the lawns of estates in the latter part of the 19th Century.

Appropriately, they are just down the road from the new headquarters of The National Garden Conservancy!

June 17, 2013 by Jessie Davidson

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