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Around The House

An Homage to Linen

Quite some time ago, I learned that linen is the most beautiful and varied fiber. One of my first memories of it was on Christmas as a child, watching my grandmother, Adelaide Davidson, opening presents from friends that invariably were monogrammed hankies and tea towels. I think it was their gift of choice to each other, and what a lovely one at that! I am now the lucky recipient of many of those beautiful old monogrammed linens and enjoy having them a part of my daily life. If you take care of linen, it lasts a very long time!

Fast forward a few years and I discovered that linen sheets are one of the best kept secrets that unfortunately so few people know about! They are yummy soft and keep you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Honest. Just think of the linen suits that men used to sport in the summer - and still do in the South. 

Many of the better bed linen suppliers offer linen sheets but don’t promote them to the American market. What a shame! I have long held that everyone should treat themselves at least once in their lifetime to a set of monogrammed linen sheets - they last forever and add an elegance and beauty to your every day living. Beware - once you have spoiled yourself there may be no going back to what you have previously known! 

Julia B, who specializes in particularly beautiful custom monogrammed bed and table linens, has a high quality linen that she uses for sheets, duvet covers and pillow shams. I have included a few pictures of the treasured pieces I have purchased from her as well as the link to her lovely new website - . I am happy to answer any questions you may have about sheeting and I hope you consider linen the next time you make a purchase for your bed. Sweet dreams!

January 06, 2013 by Jessie Davidson

In The Garden

Fall Bulb Planting

There is nothing more spectacular in Spring than a magnificent stand of tulips. 

A woodland drift of jonquils/daffodils - like those shown in the White Flower Farm catalog - are equally beautiful and a tad less formal. For me, large Floradales or showy white Parrot tulips, contained by a tidy boxwood hedge, are downright stately! I love how they herald the warmer, sunnier, longer days of Spring.

This year in early to mid November, we planted 400 Ivory Floradale tulips in front of the house here in Lake Bluff. Another 400 White Parrot Tulips were planted surrounding a low broad-branching Tina Crab beneath an old oak tree. Interspersed with the Parrots are one hundred Allium Caeruleum - charming little blue flower balls on a 20” stem. 

Come March, when I have had enough of our Chicago winter, I will just imagine what soil warmed by the May sun will produce. Ah, anticipation! I look forward to sharing pictures of the blooming bulbs with you in a few months!

January 06, 2013 by Jessie Davidson

What We're Loving

January 2013

  1. La Colombe coffee for coffee aficionados- now available at Williams Sonoma and truly delicious! 
  2. Creative and colorful eyewear from Eye Spy Optical on Lincoln Avenue in Chicago. 
  3. A touch of BLING loafers from Stuart Weitzman.....very comfy! 
  4. Less is more porcelain dishes by Mud Australia.....their recently opened new store in SoHo is an inspiration. 
  5. Stunning monograms and yummy linens from Julia B. 
  6. While I was in London for a wedding, I loved perusing Nancy Lancaster's lovely yellow living room, recreated at Colfax & Fowler. I highly recommend a visit! 
  7. Colorful handbags and satchels custom created by YOU at Lill Studio in Chicago. 

January 06, 2013 by Jessie Davidson

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