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In The Garden

Winter White And An Island Garden

Have we had enough snow yet!? 

Honestly though, I think in so many ways we are really, really lucky because it is absolutely beautiful!

Go for a walk at night or first thing in the morning, before any cars are out on the roads.  With a little moonlight, the whiteness of the snow reflects the light of the moon and makes everything sparkle.  And, walking on a new blanket of snow is so reverently silent, save the crunch of your steps.  I love that.

Snow accentuates the bones of a garden, be it a fence, boxwood hedge, furniture left out for the winter, even the most mundane bird-feeder.  This is when winter is at its best….when snow and the garden create a sculptural landscape, the beauty of which is impossible to ignore.

Think about this as you enjoy your garden next summer and remember not to forget the “bones” of your outdoor spaces.

And for a bit of spring and summer color to offer a contrast to all the winter white, Alcatraz Island. How can such a harsh place be so beautiful and hospitable today?  Over ten years ago the Garden Conservancy, the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, and the National Parks Service began a collaborative effort to renew and tend the long-abandoned gardens on the island. 

I have put this on my list of places to see in 2014!  In the meantime, their site and the images above will give you a glimpse of the history of the island, the people who inhabited it, and the fabulous gardens that are there for all of us to enjoy today.

January 09, 2014 by Jessie Davidson

What We're Loving

January 2014

1.) Classic….that sums up the Louis Ghost chair by Philippe Starck .  It seems equally comfortable in the living room, dining room, or dressing room.  And what a perfect solution to seating when your visual or physical space is limited?! Find it here and here.

2.) Bobby McFerrin’s new CD, Spirit You All, is one I just keep listening to over and over again.  He has the most amazing range, in voice, lyrics, and collaborations with other artists.  According to the CD jacket, “Bobby McFerrin re-imagines Americana with beloved spirituals and original songs raising the roof with joyful grooves.”  I don’t think it gets much better than that! Enjoy listening to the magic of his music here.

3.) Boyd Varty, of Londolozi Game Reserve in South Africa, is a marvelous storyteller and has an important message about Ubuntu (human kindness) told through his relationship with Nelson Mandela. 

4.) A bit last minute, but there are two distinctly American exhibits to see in New York and Chicago that are closing later this month. I saw Art & Appetite:  American Painting, Culture, and Cuisine  at the Chicago Art Institute twice because it is so rich and yummy, I just couldn’t get enough!  Try to make it before its close on January 27th

5.) Equally enticing, American Modern:  Hopper to O’Keeffe at the Museum of Modern Art in New York looks wonderful.

6.) Sugata Mitra relays compelling thoughts about Designing a Future for Learning – A School in the Cloud.  His vision is all about education for every child in the world, not just the privileged, and it is fascinating. 

Enjoy listening and hearing, seeing, and pondering this month!

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January 09, 2014 by Jessie Davidson

Around the House

That Little House in Camden, Maine

The little house in Maine, now dubbed “Three”, is significantly done.  This is tricky business for creative types because nothing is ever really done, but just a project in perpetual motion.

Of course there are the usual things gone awry; yet, overall it looks relaxed, minimal, light filled, and very calming.  I haven’t had time to throw myself on the sofa to read a great book, but that will happen soon….with luck!

We used Farrow & Ball Pointing on the walls, Lamproom Gray on the floor, and Benjamin Moore Wickham Grey on the ceilings.  The only exception is the ceiling of my bedroom which is a whisper of dusty pink and looks like the inside of a shell.

I can’t wait for my friend, Julie, accomplished artist, curator of color and style, to add her painted design to the kitchen floor!

Garden design will be the next step in this process so I will keep you updated in the coming months.

November 18, 2013 by Jessie Davidson

In The Garden

The Feeling of Fall

Fall really is the most glorious season and I hear over and over again how much so many people love it.  It is time to put the garden to bed, trimming back, digging up, mulching, and planning for the emergence of Spring.  A group of us compared thoughts the other day while enjoying a crisp, sunny day in a large community garden north of Chicago.  What we love about Fall is:

The yummy smell of the leaves and trees

Cool clear nights and chilly mornings

Maples with their sparkling gold and blazing orange/red leaves

Apple cider and pumpkin pie


Pulling on a cozy sweater

Late vegetable harvest

Windy days kicking through the fallen leaves with your dog

Anticipation of coming Holidays

So drink in the season and embrace each day for its bounty!

*All images from Pinterest.

November 18, 2013 by Jessie Davidson

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